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Food Distribution

Update - October 10, 2021

St. Teresa of Calcutta Indian Mission is able to reach out to the unreached and unhelped with the guidance and blessings of Most Rev. Bishop Joseph F. Catrambone M.Div., D.D (Founder of St. Teresa of Calcutta Indian Mission) and Rev. Madeleine Redmond. 

St. Mother said, “Give your hands to serve, and your hearts to love.”

Being inspired by St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, we are making all our efforts to walk in her footsteps. Therefore every moth we are giving one month worth of Essentials, Rice, Eggs and Vegetables etc. to the families of poor and needy.  Christ Mission is our Mission and this mission continues, we request all of you to pray for us and may your blessings be always upon us.

Fr. K. Anthoniswamy GSC,
Secretary to Bishop.

May 15, 2021

Dear Benefactors, friends and well-wishers of Saint Theresa of Calcutta’s Indian Mission,

 Most Rev. Bishop Joseph F. Catrambone, M.Div., D.D. (Executive Director, Founder of Guatemala Missions and Founder of Saint Teresa of Calcutta’s Indian Mission). The founder’s Vision is to feed the hungry and serve the less privileged in India.

Saint Theresa of Calcutta’s Indian Mission sincerely thanks Guatemala Missions for your $ 100 donation to the widow’s family which is below poverty line; the amount was received on May 10th, 2021.

The widow’s family lives in Lam village, Tadikonda Mandal, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India. This widow has one son and one daughter. Her son (Naveen) is a painter and her daughter is a physically handicapped. The entire family remains unhealthy because they suffered from malnutrition

This family being our faithful was going hungry during this time of Covid 19, therefore St. Theresa of Calcutta Indian mission reached out to this family and it was given Rice, Dal, Vegetables, Eggs, Soaps, Cooking oil and all other necessary items which are needed for a month’s survival. The widow’s family was also gifted with a refrigerator for storing the vegetables, milk and other essentials.

Without your financial contribution, I would not be able to feed this family. Once again, thank you for your kind and generous contribution. I am happy to let you know that i can now continue serving the most vulnerable people by providing food for the less privileged and clean drinking water during this time of Covid 19.

This charitable act of yours reminds the widow’s family that God loves them, and they are precious in the sight of the Lord. The widow’s family remains ever grateful to you and assures its prayers to you.

Being under the care and protection of Most Rev. Bishop Joseph F. Catrambone, we never go hungry and are well taken care. Bishop Joe is our spiritual father, and he is everything to us after our Lord Jesus Christ. We think of him daily and pray for him.  The love and concern that he has towards St. Theresa of Calcutta’s Indian Mission is tremendous.

We ever remain grateful to you dear bishop Joe and all our well-wishers.   

Continued prayers for you,

With a grateful heart,

Yours sincerely,                                                                             

Fr. K. Anthoniswamy (GSC)

Secretary of Most Rev. Bishop Joseph F. Catrambone, M.Div., D.D.

& Director of St. Theresa of Calcutta’s Indian Mission

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